Reading Room 2 can be seen on the 11th, 12th and 13th of december




NOKS Independent Art Space is pleased to host " Reading Room 2 / KASSEL DUMMY AWARD 2022 Shortlist Books Exhibition for the second time. The Exhibition is being realised in collaboration with Kassel Photobook Festival, Istanbul Photobook Festival, FUAM and Mas Printing House, Istanbul. KASSEL DUMMY AWARD 2022 International Photo Book Competition with Worldwide Shortlist-Exhibition Tour The KASSEL DUMMY AWARD presented by the FOTOBOOKFESTIVAL KASSEL for the best unpublished photo book mock-up of the year has awarded a complete photo book-production to emerging talents since 2010 and celebrated its 10th edition last year. The book that wins First Prize will be produced and published festival partner MAS Istanbul. The members of this year’s Main Jury will were:


Natasha Christia | Curator, Writer and Educator, Barcelona

Thekla Ehling | Photographer, Founding Member of The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne

Sinem Disli | Photographer, New York, Istanbul

João Linneu | Co-Founder of VOID Publishing House, Reykjavík

Frederic Lezmi | Photographer and Editor, The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne

Ufuk Sahin | Printer and Publisher, MASMAT, Istanbul


A total of 226 books from 32 countries were submitted for the KASSEL DUMMY AWARD 2022.

The shortlist selection resulted in 52 photobooks.


Kathleen Alisch (DE) – Atlas of voids

Julia Autz (DE) – While I was waiting

Bebe (NL) – A Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

Angelo Bonetti (IT) – He grew up in the fog

Nico Buurman (DE) – I will survive

Vitor Casemiro (BR) – Shadow over Shadow

Alessandro Cirillo (IT) – They come from the sea

Marcello Coslovi (IT) – The wrong side of the tracks

Barbara Debeuckelaere (BE) – Slobozia, Texas

Steffi Drerup (DE) – ichfolgedessen

Florian Dürkopp (DE) – The Bliss Point – A Story of Globalization

Tobias Eineder (DE) – Auf der Kippe – Rauchen

Frederike Finster (DE) – Du bist ja noch jung

Anna Fritsche (DE) – Weil es nie einen richtigen Ort dafür gibt

Jakob Ganslmeier (DE) – Thread

Uta Genilke (DE) – Sommerspiele

Doğa Deniz Gönüllü (NL) – Yabancilar

Leonie Lisette Göttling (DE) – Backfischjahre

Nicolas Guiraud (FR) – Tropic of cancer

Caroline Heinecke (DE) – Herr der Dinge

Thu Hien Hoang (DE) – Asia Bistro

Isabell Hoffmann (DE) – Tech No Land

Mads Holm (DK) – HRTLND

Nikolaos Kachrimanis (GR) – Divine Furies Trilogy

Ilkay Karakurt (DE) – Meerersgrün, Bordeaux

Yura Kolomiets (UA) – What is the corner looking at?

Jan Ladwig (DE) – 643316. Die neue Ebene des Reisens

Jana Mai (DE) – Gagauzia

Helena Manhartsberger (DE) – Sex Work

Dillon Marsh (ZA) – Diamond Coast

Corinna Mehl (DE) – Human Fragments

Victor Morales García (MX) – Nivi Ve‘e

Alberto Moretti (IT) – Many Happy Re-Turns

Eliot Nasrallah (FR) – Août 2020, Cher Journal,

Steven Natusch (DE) – Asking for the Sun

Kanta Nomura (JP) – The Yoshida Dormitory Students‘ History

Melina Papageorgiou (DE) – Sorry, I fucked this up

Peter Pflügler (AT) – Now is not the right time

Rahier Pierre (BE) – Namur

Franziska Rieder (DE) – 1-212-529-1432 : Voicve Messages from late 90s New York City

Polina Rukavichkina (RU) – I will rip your heart out

Chris Shaw (FR) – Berliner Disco

Nick Somers (BE) – Humans Seem To Be An Exception

Anna Strand (SE) – The Assignment

Johann Süßebecker (DE) – Alles ist anders

Bente Tas (NL) – Flowers make people happy

Jef Van den Bossche (BE) – On A Soif

Lou-Lou van Staaveren (NL) – Pleasant Place

Tim Wagner (DE) – Mare Nostrum

Stefan Weger (DE) – Luise, Archäologie eines Unrechts

Martina Zaninelli (DE) – Young

Linda Zhengová (NL) – Catharsis


This shortlist have started to showcase in a big international travelling exhibition at festivals and photography events, before coming to NOKS Art Space in Istanbul.


PHOTO 2020 – Melbourne (Australia)

• Organvida – Zagreb (Croatia)

• Photoireland – Dublin (Ireland)

• NOKS Art Space – (Turkey)

• Singapore International Photography Festival – (Singapore)

• Fotopia Collective Festival – Cluj (Romania)

• Photobook Week – Aarhus (Denmark)

• IED Madrid – (Spain)

• Angkor Photo Festival – (Cambodia)

• Officine Fotografiche – Rome (Italy)

• Officine Fotografiche – Milan (Italy)

• Encontros da Imagem – Braga (Portugal).

Exhibition dates and Hours : Open between 14:00-19:00 Hours between 04 December-06 December


Opening: Between 18:00-20:00, 4th of December 2021


Poster Design: Elvan Ekren