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Solo Exhibition of Yasemin Kalaycı

Curator: Melis Bektaş


A Reflex for Life in the Face of Today's Livability and Future Possibilities


15th April- 30th April 2022



Yasemin Kalaycı's "Plumbob Reflex" exhibition, curated by Melis Bektaş, will be opened at NOKS Art Space as part of "Senkron Simultaneous Video Exhibitions" on April 15 - 30, 2022!

In this series of multi-channel video installations produced based on the concept of the self, we see the body in a virtual world, adopting the space it is in as an ordinary space and fulfilling its routine needs regardless of where it is. The body starts to do the daily chores starting in the morning and continues the life cycle in the rational world within the digital environment. The character, who is trying to experience repetitions that are not surprising even in an alternative world, has redefined its own truth and adapted itself to this new reality.


Where creating and maintaining reflexes is a condition necessary for the continuation of life, the Plumbob Reflex develops as it is connected with affective science, mood, and movement. This reflex is not a diagnosis nor a system. The Plumbob Reflex, which stresses the blurry line between the new and the old, creates a reflex of life in the face of nostalgia, the livability of today and the possibilities of the future, all at the same time. With a different representation of movement and mood in each video, you can follow the series of reflections that will be familiar to everyone, through our methods of finding and maintaining our normal state even in extraordinary situations.


Yasemin Kalaycı

Born in Istanbul in 1996, Yasemin Kalaycı completed her undergraduate education at Kocaeli University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Photography. She is currently continuing his postgraduate education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Photography. She’s the co-founder of an off space, KOLİ Art Space in Kadikoy, Istanbul. She produces conceptually based fictional works by making use of practices such as photography, video, digital art and installation. She uses concepts such as the body-power relationship, gender emphasis, race and identity in her works and creates characters that are articulated with taught gender norms and stuck to stereotypes such as the ideal body and uses them for protest purposes.


This exhibition being realised within the scope of Senkron Symultanaeus Video Exhibitions.